Poll: What's The Real State of New Rochelle?

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New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson will give his State of The City address Feb. 28 at the Davenport Club.
New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson will give his State of The City address Feb. 28 at the Davenport Club. Photo Credit: noambramson.org

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. – In one week, New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson will deliver his eighth State of the City address. What do you hope Bramson will discuss in his speech? Vote in our poll or comment below with your ideas.


Which Issue Do You Want Mayor Bramson To Talk About In His State Of The City Address?

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Which Issue Do You Want Mayor Bramson To Talk About In His State Of The City Address?

  • New Revenue Streams

  • Echo Bay Project

  • The Armory Renovations

  • Relocation of the City Yard

  • New Rochelle's 325th Anniversary

  • Repairing Infrastructure

  • Emergency Management

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Bramson will deliver the State of the City at 7:45 p.m. Feb. 28 at the Davenport Club, 400 Daveport Ave.. The annual event is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of New Rochelle. Dinner tickets are available for purchase through the chamber for $35 in advance and $40 at the door.

For more information, including event sponsorship or to purchase tickets, contact the chamber at 914-632-5700 or email the chamber Executive Director Eli Gordon at egordon@newrochellechamber.org.  

We asked readers what they wish Bramson would discuss in his speech. Reader Joyce Furfero responded on The New Rochelle Daily Voice Facebook page, “I want to hear that (1) the City is cutting the Gordian knot with Good Profit Works and giving the Veterans the opportunity to develop the Armory, (2) the City has given Forest CIty Ratner the heave-ho and will look for a respectable, responsible developer for the "waterfront" property soon to be freed up by the removal of the City Yard, and (3) the City has fired Deborah Newborn and eliminated the useless position of Sustainability Coordinator!”

Reader Denise Pagano Ward said, “I'd like him to explain his responsibility for my real estate taxes doubling in the past 10 years. I'd like to know how many more "fees" he plans on imposing on City residents."

What do you want Bramson to address in his speech next week? Comment below. 

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Comments (4)

Without basic services maintained such as roads, nearly impassable in many locations, we cannot hope to attract more businesses to the city. Sanitation, park maintenance and police presence are key.

So for all of the genius ideas emanating from this city council and intellectually challenged bureaucrats, an inertia has gripped this city now for decades, and it will soon become but another Mt. Vernon or even worse, an attachment to the Bronx!

For those who don't realize it,

New Revenue Streams = New Taxes or Fees and will simply make New Rochelle even more expensive to live in. And for what? Our roads could almost be rated as unimproved or dirt on a map.

But lets take a look at the 2% utility tax Mayor Bramson wants, while yes it'll make renters pay something, the bulk of the tax receipts will come from homeowners who have to heat & cool their homes. Average utility bills are much higher for a homeowner than a renter and thus they'll pay most of the tax.

Its that simple as are the problems which aren't with the amount received but the amount spent and we've got a mayor who doesn't understand the basics.

Joyce took most of the good quesitons. Way to be!

but here's a couple more:

How is the city going to pay for $25M in bonds needed to fund the city yard move?

Why did the costs to move the city jump from $13M to $25M over a short period of time?

We've had years & years of punishing tax increases and you're proposing to create or increase more taxes & fees, why?

Why are you giving Forest City a 20 year tax abatement? Won't the schools be overun with kids? Who will pay to build a new school or expand our current ones?

Has the city consolidated any departments? Has the city looked into that at all?

Should NR continue to collect its own garbage or should we look into contracting this out?

If we go private, would we need to spend so much money on the city yard?

Do we really even need to move the city yard? As far as I can tell, the garbage is still getting picked up as are the leaves.

Should we be rewarding the DWP with a new facility when they've run the present 1 into the ground?

Will it cost more to run the new facility as obviously we're not spending enough to maintain what we already have.

Should garbage collection be done only once per week? What would be the savings?

Streets are often paved 1 year & then ConEd or United Water rip them up the next, isn'y there a better way to operate & maintain our roads?

Why are the ballfields at city park locked 24/7? Shouldn't they be open for the public to use? Isn't that the definition of a park, open to the public?

Just of few of the many quesitons I have and that I expect to go unanswered.

The relocation of the DPW yard to the West End of New Rochelle is not urgent. Given our economic situation, we must re-think what our priorities are. A couple of years ago when the relocation was presented by the Mayor, there was no input nor opinion sought by the residents of the West End. It seemed then, and now, that our opinion and our welfare was not important. I am led to conclude that this effort is nothing more than a strategic case of Environmental Racism that will lead to a disproportionate impact of environmental hazards on the overwhelming majority of people of color who live in the West end. Many letters were written to mayor Bramson and no response has ever occurred which leads us to conclude that the Mayor considers the people of color in New Rochelle expendable. Does he have the chutzpah to meaningfully engage the West End community on this issue?