New Rochelle Modifies Leaf Collection Rules For The Fall

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Putting leaves on the curb for city pickup will longer be allowed in New Rochelle.
Putting leaves on the curb for city pickup will longer be allowed in New Rochelle. Photo Credit: File

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. – The New Rochelle City Council has approved a notable change in the city’s leaf-collection policy that will take effect this fall.


How Will You Remove Leaves In New Rochelle This Fall?

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How Will You Remove Leaves In New Rochelle This Fall?

  • Bag the leaves.

  • Put the leaves in trash cans.

  • Deliver the leaves to the City Yard.

  • Mulching the leaves.

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The council voted to no longer pick up loose piles of leaves that are left curbside at the ends of a property. Leaves will only be removed from the property if they are left for crews in biodegradable bags, in trash cans, at the city’s yard waste transfer site or mulched.

Each year, the city spends approximately $400,000 to collect and dispose of leaves. By making this transition, there will also be less loose leaves clogging drains and sewers and creating potentially hazardous road conditions.

According to Mayor Noam Bramson, a portion of the monies that will be saved by making this change will be used on a professional public information campaign that will include mailings, robo-calls, lawn signs and demonstrations for homeowners about mulching.

While researching whether the legislation was viable for the city, Virginia Picciotto, the city's director of planning and sustainability determined the cost to taxpayers if they were to take each option.

It was determined that mulching would be the most affordable option, because most landscapers are willing and able to mulch at no additional cost. Another option includes bagging some leaves while mulching others, which will cost an average of $27 per year per household.

Bagging leaves would be the least affordable, due to the increased labor and laboring fees. The city determined that it would cost a laborer approximately $1.23 to fill an average of 50 bags per home, averaging to more than $80 each year.

The legislation can be found online. What do you think about the new rules on leaf collecting? Continue the conversation in the comments section.

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Comments (6)

New Rochelle didn't modify leaf collection as the headline states, they've eliminated leaf collection entirely.

Bramson needs to be run out of town. How much more punishment can we take? He's inept, clueless and should have no authority handling our money.

So now for the big question what do they do with that heavy piece of machinery they bought probably 2 of them to scoop up the leaves with ? Now that they are not picking them up and the "garbage fee" is computed to exactly what it costs the city to pick up the garbage from each homeowner we should see that fee go down. Yeah like snowballs in July .... City Council take notice the STATE budget has a caveat in it that if we meet our tax cap AND COMBINE SERVICES the taxpayers get a check .... You know we want those checks so I hope you are consolidating services soon .

They'll probably sell it to an insider who get them for practically nothing.

And of course, the taxpayer will see nothing from this except we'll pick up the tab for getting rid of the leaves now.

There's only 1 way to sum up my thoughts, Bramson needs to go!

Between this, the Armory, his plans to build more tax abated apartment buildings, his goal to spend $30-$35 million to move the City Yard (all borrowed btw) and his insane plan to continue to push for the failed Echo Bay development (even though we now know the site and bay are extremely contaminated) we need change.

Al where are you? Please please please run.

Typical of New Rochelle. So Bramson will spend a few thousand dollars on a stupid public education campaign (see prior stupid public education campaigns like the one we had where the sustainability director told us to turn off our lights when we leave a room to save energy). After that? Oh. Of course. Back into the budget to pay for health care for life for elected officials like Bramson.

Chucko, agreed.

Another service has gone by the way side. New rochelle has gone from the Queen of the Sound to a filthy slum.
Does the council have a clue on how go raise revenue through business opportunity or just waste taxpayer money. City Hall you should all be ashamed of yourselves.