New Rochelle City Council Unanimously Adopts Budget; Taxes To Rise 2.06%

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New Rochelle officials have adopted a budget for fiscal year 2014. Photo Credit: Justin Stock, File

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. -- The New Rochelle City Council unanimously adopted on Tuesday, Dec. 17 a budget for fiscal year 2014, which retains essential services, meets the City’s contractual agreements, and stays within the New York State-imposed cap on the property tax levy.

With a tax levy increase of 1.63 percent and a tax rate increase of 2.06 percent, the average property owner will see an increase of $65 on the city portion of the annual tax bill.

Additional revenue used to offset the tax levy increase was realized from the sale of city-owned property and Avalon II, the passage of New York State legislation changing the way fire hydrant expenses are billed, and a lesser increase in health-care costs.

The council also adopted a capital improvement budget of almost $14 million, 70 percent of which is funded by federal and state grants. Projects address maintenance to the city’s infrastructure include street resurfacing, storm drain and sanitary sewer improvements, tree planting and sidewalk replacement. A bond issue to borrow $2,501,713 will finance the acquisition of public works and parks vehicles, a fire engine and drainage improvements in the Halcyon Park area.

“I am gratified by the unanimous support for this budget, which maintains our existing level of services, at a minimal impact to our taxpayers,” City Manager Charles B. Strome III said in a statement.

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Fifth Ave Guy:

So the budgets being balanced with a $2.5 million loan? That doesn't seem fiscally sound.

Nor does the shift of the fire hyrdrant expense. If it was coupled with a like amount of revenue reduction ok, but it isn't so this will just drive up your water bill while not lowering the city budget at all. This is done only to dodge the tax cap law, like Idoni did with the library budget. I surprised Noam hasn't tried to create a fire and a police tax for us to pay.

And what about those red-light cameras? Sen George Latimer has introduced the legislation in the NYS Senate so New Rochelle can put in up to 25 red light cameras to generate $4 million per year with 1/2 of the proceeds going to the camera company.

But the problem with the cameras is that it takes so long to go from 1 end of town to the other becasue of all the traffic lights that people sometimes hit the gas when the yellow comes.

Remember to thank Sen. George Latimer the next time you're in the voting booth by voting for the other person.

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