New Rochelle Woman Charged In Theft Of Cosmetic

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Photo Credit: New Rochelle Police Department

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. -  A New Rochelle woman was accused of stealing a cosmetic  from the New Rochelle Stop & Shop on Thursday, police said.

Tongia Hickson, 48, of 55 May Street, Apt b-1 New Rochelle, was charged with petit larceny a misdemeanor in connection with attempting to take $16 worth of the product from the store, New Rochelle Police Department Capt. Joseph Schaller said. Store security stopped Hickson and called police.

The following items also were reported by New Rochelle police:

  • Theft From Car: Clothes from Costco were taken from a woman’s 1999 Toyota parked at one Industrial Lane Thursday. The clothes did not belong to the woman. The woman had difficulty with the lock on her vehicle.
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