New Rochelle Video Project Discusses Fire Dangers

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New Rochelle firefighter Byron Gray goes through equipment at the Station 3 firehouse Thursday. Gray and other firefighters are releasing a video to raise awareness about the dangers of fires. Photo Credit: Justin Stock

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. — In a series of videos made by New Rochelle firefighters, residents can learn about the dangers of the daily job done by the city's best and bravest.

The project was done to raise awareness about how professional firefighters work and their dedication to protecting the communities they serve, said Byron Gray, president of the New Rochelle Uniformed Fire Fighters Association.

"The job we do is very dangerous," said Gray, who is in his 27th year with the New Rochelle Fire Department.

The seven-video series uses interviews from local firefighters to demonstrate how bad fire conditions can become, and the pain and suffering involved in saving lives in fires. All of the videos are available on Facebook and YouTube. The videos cite fire safety testing results from the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology.

One video entitled “Why Seconds Count When Fighting Fires” tells how fires have changed over the years and become more dangerous.

Another video entitled “The Life of a Deadly Fire” discusses how hot a fire can become in a matter of minutes.

New Rochelle firefighters Fred Taylor and Joe Narcisso tell about the toll firefighting takes on their bodies take each time they go to a fire. New Rochelle firefighter Bill Samoes also tells how his leg snapped on the job.

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