Hawthorne Trooper Drug Scandal Reportedly Kept Secret

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State Police allegedly kept the loss or theft of drugs and evidence from the Hawthorne barracks under wraps.
State Police allegedly kept the loss or theft of drugs and evidence from the Hawthorne barracks under wraps. Photo Credit: File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- New York State Police reportedly kept quiet about drugs and other evidence that was lost out of the Hawthorne barracks in 2011, according to the Albany Times Union. 

A spokesperson denied that any drug evidence was lost, but records obtained by the Times Union revealed cocaine, marijuana and prescription painkillers were either lost or stolen.

The missing evidence led to a two-year investigation that resulted in rescinded arrest warrants and recommendations to vacate prosecutions, the Times Union reported. 

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Comments (9)

................well, here in south florida this would never be a story - we have county sheriffs and miami-dade internal affairs officers ALL frequently being prosecuted for moving TONS of drugs that get "lost" or "stolen" and ponzi-scammers paying local and county police for "protection"

if you would see the employees parking lot of ALL local police departments here you would think you were looking at an exotic car collection with expensive S-line mercedes and AMX BMWs and even a few Bentleys - and these are ALL police officers personal vehicles here !

cops can be crooks too = period

in fact back in the day when the cops physically delivered the welfare checks personally to individual recipients, a big uproar arose when the checks started to be mailed out instead - a full thirty percent ! of the checks were returned as undeliverable (meaning the cops had been "negotiating thousands of checks" in a massive fraud of the welfare system by law enforcement officers !)

law enforcement has a long history of corruption = period

facts first. after outing yourself as a police officer in your comment here,("We don't like being" I will add this, you don't have to watch the shield to see Police Brutality and Police Misconduct on a grand scale, only turn on your local news, "Stop and Frisk" and the misuse of police powers are creating a palatable mistrust of police across all age groups and races. It's become the police against the people, not the police FOR or PROTECTING the people as it should be. we have the largest prison population in the world. right here "The land of the free" more than China, Russia and Iran combined

Greenburghdad, I didn't out myself as anything. When I wrote " we " that meant people in general. Local news doesn't give it straight, hence-don't always believe what you hear or read. In any group of people your gonna get a few bad apples ...... Impossible to avoid that. We're just gonna have to agree to disagree that police are Against the people, I think the majority of police are for the people, especially because they come from the people and are related to, friends with, married to etc etc, the people. Plus I'm not overly concerned with china, Russia or Iran, just the USA.

They're all pretty arrogant if you ask me.

They are ALL above the law! We must abide the law but they are ABOVE it!

It is my belief that that Hawthore has been a hot bed of illegal activity for many, many years. I have very many years past reported instances I had heard of the troopers seeding landfills with hospital waste and stopping young girls on the highway and taking them back to the barracks and then offering to release them if they provided sex. The State Police Inspector General disclosed the complaints to the barracks, accepted the troopers answers and closed the files.
It is about time something has been done.

Wow those are some serious allegations wem10603, I never heard anything like that from anyone or anywhere. How would seeding landfills with hospital waste benefit a trooper...... Makes no sense! Your allegations sound like nonsense made up by someone who is scorned by getting too many speeding tickets , slow down and you won't get ticketed lol!!!

so cuomo led the investigation, closed the investigation without resolution and then he ran for governor instead of david patterson. now cuomos governor, the leader of the state police, and hawthorn barracks in his home county cuomo has done nothing. everyone retired and got their pension after stealing drugs they confiscated and sold them back to the public! cuomos in up to his neck, who is he protecting? not you and me, lets vote him out this november.

So true.