Westchester Battles Windy, Below-Zero Freeze

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Hastings resident Lisa Pistorino was dressed for the frigid weather as Westchester endured below-zero chill factor cold. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore
John Brush of Middletown, Conn. made his tofu deliveries in the Rivertowns of Westchester with the temperatures in the single digits.
Hector Mejia works at Tanglewood Deli in Yonkers where temperatures dropped to 6 degrees overnight. Photo Credit: Suzanne Samin

WESTCHESTER, N.Y -- Lisa Pistorino's chill-factor -10 wardrobe included two pairs of gloves, tights, sweat pants, two scarves, a hooded sweat shirt and down coat as she headed out to work Tuesday morning in Hastings-on-Hudson.


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How do you feel about the frigid cold in Westchester County?

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Westchester residents braved single-digit temperatures and bone-chilling winds that made it feel like 10 below zero, especially along the Hudson River shore with an evening commute expected to be frigid.

"I actually like the cold weather, but you have to dress for it with layers," Pistorino said. "I'm walking to the post office then to work. It's not so bad but it is very windy when you're walking."

Hector Mejia, of Yonkers, works at Tanglewood Deli in Yonkers.

"Business has been slow," Mejia said. "People don't want to come out. It's definitely been a little quiet. But I can't blame people. Especially if they have kids, you don't want them outside. It's so  much work to do unless you really have to. But if it's  something you need, you go out. Otherwise it can wait a few days."

John Brush, a delivery man for The Bridge (tofu), a Connecticut-based company, was between stops at noon in Hastings when the temperature has risen to 10 degrees.

"It's not too bad now, but it was very cold and windy this morning when I had to transfer a load to my truck," said Brush, who lives in Middletown, Conn. "My hands were stiff and frozen. But I'm used to it. I'm dressed right, have a good warm coat and I get to be in the truck between stops."

Ray Vega of Elmsford waited for a the bus in Dobbs Ferry to connect with a train to the Bronx.

"I'm freezing, but I'm going to the No. 1 train in Van Cortlandt," Vega said. "I have a week off work and I'm doing to visit my friend in the Bronx. I hate this weather. I'm staying (in the Bronx) because I know it's going to be very cold tonight."

Sam Fiorino of Addicted to Ink in White Plains said the weather has warmed up business.

"There's actually been a little bit of a rush after Christmas because people have their Christmas money," Fiorino said. "It hasn't been slow at all here. Winter is one of the best times to get a new tattoo because you don't have to worry about too much sun exposure."

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