President Obama's Visit Expected To Cause Delays For Westchester Travelers

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Helicopters made several visits and landings in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown Sunday, May 11 in preparation for President Barack Obama's visit.
Helicopters made several visits and landings in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown Sunday, May 11 in preparation for President Barack Obama's visit. Photo Credit: Contributed/JoAnne Murray

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TARRYTOWN, N.Y. -- The villages of Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow and the surrounding communities are bracing for a visit from President Barack Obama Wednesday afternoon between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

President Obama will speak at the site of the New NY Bridge construction (Tappan Zee Bridge area) to highlight the issue of funding infrastructure projects.

The President's helicopter is expected to land near the now-closed General Motors plant site and a motorcade will take Obama for the half-mile distance to the Sunset Cove restaurant at the end of Green Street at the Washington Irving Boat Club.

According to Tarrytown officials and Metro-North, the President's arrival and departure may cause some commuter delays as Metro-North train service and parking in and around the Tarrytown train station will be disrupted sometime between 2-4 p.m. when Obama lands bear the old General Motors property.

The village is working with the White House and Secret Service on mid-day street closures according to Tarrytown Mayor Drew Fixell. The evening rush hour is not expected to be disrupted.

Metro-North-Hudson Line trains will be held outside of the Tarrytown station, which is nearby the venue, as dictated by the Secret Service, then resume service, according to Metro-North spokeswoman Marjorie Anders.

The Public Schools of the Tarrytowns will have early dismissals. For the schedule by school, click here.

Parking spaces in the non-resident parking lots west of the Metro-North Railroad tracks will be off-limits beginning late Tuesday.

Steve Gosset of Tarrytown was concerned about how and where to park for the commute.

"If they're going to close the parking lots closest to the river, they should have some alternate arrangements like a shuttle to get people who would otherwise drive to the station, or waive street parking restrictions that day," Gosset said. "I don't mind a little inconvenience for such an important visit, just don't make it impossible for people to get to work."

The Village sent the following to parking permit holders with options on where to park:

"Please be advised that on Wednesday, May 14, 2014, numerous areas of non-resident parking will be closed due to a special event. Parking Permit holders are advised to seek street parking along West Main Street (four-hour restriction will not be enforced), the temporary permit lot, the recreation lot, and the senior citizen center lot. Additional parking will be available in the Walgreens parking lot, northeast section only. Any other areas of this lot will be subject to being towed."

The construction of the $3.9 billion New NY Bridge to replace the Tappan Zee-Malcolm Wilson Bridge is Governor Andrew Cuomo's major accomplishment during his first term. The project was recently approved for a $1.6 billion federal loan, which is the largest ever awarded under the Transportation Infrastructure and Innovation Act.

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Comments (17)

are you people seriously still buying into the "democratic" process in this country? Republicans and Democrats are all bought, this country is run by banks, it's one huge vaudeville show. Wake the F up

How dare our President come to the land of the entitled where no one can be inconvenienced? There was a time when most would have taken pride in having our President visit our community. He wasn't my candidate but he is my President and I think it's great that he's visiting my Town to make a plea for more money to be allocated to infrastructure projects. Does anyone remember the days of FDR and putting Americans to work on infrastructure projects? This is not a photo op, it's a President trying to grow jobs and rebuild America which by the way, has been woefully neglected! Our infrastructure is falling apart and jobs are hard to come by. These long term projects help to rebuild our country and sustain American families. So you have to sit in a traffic or find an alternate route, big deal! Try getting out of your own to help someone else and stop whining. I welcome our President and hope that many others do as well.

Interesting, this story is getting more media attention than Benghazi! Who cares about his photo opt visit? What difference does it make?

Nothing gets more media attention than Benghazi, unfortunately. I don't know about everyone, but the president in our village seems like a really big deal to me.

It is so easy for critics to sit behind their electronic devices and comment on how the White House and country are being run. When you are qualified to run for President, win and can do a better job then comment. Until then, spare me the negativity. The racism in this country is so tiring, old and ignorant.

Some of us work for a living. I'm not complaining he did win the election. Even in the real world people get jobs and are put into positions they can't handle they are then fired. We on the other hand have to watch our country go down the tubes because an elected official is doing an unsatisfactory job. Hopefully this November a lot of the dead wood in congress on both sides will be weeded out. Enough said!!

Best of luck with the next president.

Most of the racism is from white Liberals.

Obama will come, have his photo op, and leave us with the bill for the bridge. He will be touting a $1.8 billion loan which is nothing more then a backstop loan extension of the 5 year bonds that were just raised, starting in 2019, long after Obama has gone into the sunset, and will be making plenty of money on book tours and speaking engagements. The current bonds will have coupon of 2.277 percent. Obama's loan for 2019 guarantees a rate of 3.89%. Gee, thanks Obama!
This still leaves the new bridge funding greatly unfunded, and will need an additional $6 in tolls for every car that goes through the toll booths... that's a number we can all understand. We will be going from $5 to $11 minimum to have the privilege to go over our shiny new bridge.

We all know we need a new bridge, but don't come here and tell us we are getting a good deal from the federal government. Wednesday's gridlock will come and go, the bill for this bridge will leave a real mark.

I still find the timing of this visit highly questionable, considering the State Republican Convention is the same day in Rye, and our County Executive, who actually put the wheels in motion for this much overdue bridge replacement, will be required elsewhere. This would be true whether or not he were running for Governor.... Speaking of that.... well, enough said.

"Michelle and I love us some modern family." This country is toast. Hang on people it's going to be hell.

you guys would be all praising if it were Romney. hypocrites. oh, but this project wouldn't even be going on if he were president and the bridge would continue to fall into the river and be clogged up with traffic

GreenburghDad - the TZ Bridge project has not come about because of anything done by Obama. It's the local gang who finally decided to do something about it, after there was talk about it for many years. And IF the President was Romney, you'd be bashing him, saying he had nothing to do with it.

I hope he gives a speech on global warming..I mean climate change...I mean climate disruption. He's never done that before. Oh, and let's not forget about income inequality..that's a major issue.

It sure is. But His speech will be about investing in infrastructure.

I won't be eating at Sunset Cove anymore. The White House is being run by middle preschoolers. The President should be doing his job not running around as if he is still campaigning. Dimwit is what is in the White House.

Really great planning by Obama and Cuomo! Creating a massive obstruction to commuters during the height of the afternoon rush. Typical politicians, doing such a thing for attention.