Poll: Where Are The Worst Potholes In New Rochelle?

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Vote in our poll and comment to tell us where the worst potholes are in New Rochelle.
Vote in our poll and comment to tell us where the worst potholes are in New Rochelle. Photo Credit: Anna Helhoski

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. – The latest winter storm won’t help the pothole problem on the streets of New Rochelle.  The Daily Voice wants to hear from you about the offending streets.


What Road Has The Worst Potholes In New Rochelle?

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What Road Has The Worst Potholes In New Rochelle?

  • North Avenue

  • Huguenot Street

  • Centre Avenue

  • Weaver Street

  • Pinebrook Boulevard

  • Beechmont Drive

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According to residents Lesley Ann Longo, Paul Lavine and Gina Goldner Wallach, Pinebrook Boulevard is in serious need of pothole repair. Lavine commented on The New Rochelle Daily Voice’s Facebook page, “Pinebrook is brutal, doesn’t the mayor live there?”
Prior to the blizzard on Friday, Gina Marie wrote, “Beechmont is a mess, can’t wait to see it after this storm.”

Commuter Bob Hopkins agreed, “Yeah, I can drive all the way home from Lower Manhattan and not worry about driving on an obstacle course until I hit Beechmonth and Pinebrook Blvd … It’s a war zone there.”

Douglas Smith was most specific and said there was pothole on North Avenue eastbound in the right turn only lane onto Huguenot Street southbound, adjacent to the divider. He also said there was a bad pothole at the intersection of Huguenot Street southbound and Centre Avenue eastbound.

Both Madeline Ortiz and Edward Zeltman said Webster Avenue is a repeat offender, as is Union Avenue. Denise Pagano Ward remarked, “Some doozies on Weaver Street.” Resident Bobby Hall also said he blew out a tire on King’s Highway under the Amtrak bridge in December, with expensive results.

Most discouragingly, resident Scott Burnett wrote, “New Rochelle is a pothole. I no longer tell people where I am from."

Hitting a pothole can knock wheels out of alignment and affect the steering. It can also dislodge wheels, damage tires and bend or break suspension, according to AAA.

Where do you see the worst potholes in town? Is your street getting more difficult to drive down? Is there a road on your normal commute you avoid now because the ride’s too rough? Let us know by voting in our poll, commenting below or post them to our Facebook page. Don’t forget to send photos of the worst offenders to ahelhoski@dailyvoice.com

We’ll collect the results and send them to the city Department of Public Works so they know where to go to fix the problems.

Check back next week for more details on the town’s priorities when it comes to roadwork and pothole repair.

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Driving down Pinebrook Blvd. is like going through a mine field in a war zone. Someone is going to end up hurt or in a bad accident.

The worst potholes are on Ramona Court. It is not only bad for your car but drivers swerve to avoid them therefore it is dangerous for people to be walking down the block. I have asked for this street to be repaved but I was told they only pave streets every 20 years. I know that is not true. We have also recently had watermain issues and the street was dug up on 3 spots as well as another area by Pinebrook for a new owner that needed some work done. We really need this done.

All of the above.

If only New Rochelle would maintain its roads, then they might avoid these rush, priority repairs that don't last long and then we have potholes again. Its 1 big circular motion but the problem never gets solved.

That's New Rochelle for you. I knew it was a poorly run city when I moved here 15 years ago & I'm constanly reminded why people told me that.