New Rochelle May Install Traffic Cameras

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New Rochelle is attempting to get approval from the state to install cameras at several busy intersections in the city. Photo Credit: Nancy Chapman

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. -- The City of New Rochelle has requested that state Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (D - Scarsdale) propose a law that would allow the city to install traffic cameras at various intersections, according to 

The red light cameras would be used to help catch motorists that run through red lights at major intersections. The cameras have been in use in Yonkers and New York City, but they are not without controversy, reported.

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Fifth Ave Guy:

Just what New Rochelle needs, slower traffic. Thanks Amy Paulin for introducing the bill to authorize this.

And a big thanks to Senator George Latimer for also taking up this cause.

But don't be fooled, this is only about money & has nothing to do with traffic safety. New Rochelle expects to take in 1/2 of that and the other 1/2 goes to the camera company.

Another news source is reporting the city expects to issue $4 million in tickets annually, at $50 per ticket that's 80,000 tickets New Rochelle is planning to issue. Almost 7,000 every month.

Nothing says don't come here like 25 hidden red light cameras. This should really boost the downtown area......NOT.

What's wrong with our city leaders? Vote 'em all out, along with Amy Paulin & George Latimer. What a worthless crew.

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