New Rochelle Launches Communitywide Branding Initiative

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The city of New Rochelle will launch a new branding campaign.
The city of New Rochelle will launch a new branding campaign. Photo Credit: File

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. -- The city of New Rochelle launched a new branding program that aims to discover, define and design the city’s unique marketplace advantages to attract businesses, residents and visitors.

“A successful branding strategy will benefit New Rochelle’s economy, property values and civic image,” Mayor Noam Bramson said in a statement. “This initiative will bring together community-based perspectives and national-caliber talent so that we can present our city’s assets and attributes in a compelling way.”

North Star Destination Strategies, the company contracted to help develop the new branding strategy, will be in New Rochelle from Tuesday, Sept. 9, through Friday, Sept. 12, for a series of public and visioning meetings.

The integrated branding process includes research, strategy and creative development. The final stage of the project will involve the creation of a brand identity guide for the city and will be expressed through communications, signage, special events, community outreach, online initiatives, merchandising and more.

For more information on the branding process, visit

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Comments (2)

A "branding strategy" is long-overdue but I have a simple question: Why is the City retaining a Nashville, Tenn.-based firm to build NR's brand?

As a (heavily) burdened taxpayer who now has to "mulch leaves" this autumn to save NR money, how much is this branding process going to cost the taxpayer - with or without subsidies?

Further, with highly reputable MBA programs taught at Iona. Fordham, Columbia and NYU in our own backyard, why not use the talent and resources these schools can provide (even, possibly, on a pro bono-basis)?

Nobody's going to be mulching leaves, who has the space? You and I will both be buying the brown bags and leaving them down by the curb. This saves the city a couple of bucks but it'll cost everyone a few bucks so this seems like a lose-lose prospect.

BTW, not picking up the leaves curbside doesn't reduce the amount of leaves that need to be picked up so I'm willing to bet NR saves maybe 1/2 of what they thought they'd save and actually they may not save anything because NR will now have to add garbage runs to pick up the leaves. Runs that it currently doesn't have because it stops from 10/1 to 4/1.

Just another Noam Bramson blunder but I can guarantee he's never touched a rake in his life.