New Rochelle Clarifies Dead Canada Goose Body Count

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One goose was found dead in New Rochelle, city officials said.
One goose was found dead in New Rochelle, city officials said.

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. – Although as many as four decapitated Canada geese were reportedly found in Huguenot Park near the New Rochelle High School, city officials have refuted the report, claiming just one goose was found dead, the result of an animal attack.

On Thursday afternoon, a woman reported to police that she was walking her dog in the park when she came upon the geese, lined up along the path. A subsequent investigation by the New Rochelle Police Department and Westchester SPCA found just one goose, whose body had been mangled by an animal.

In a statement, the city said that a Parks and Recreation crew found the goose near the main causeway. The photo provided to the police by the woman reporting the incident only showed one goose.

“The carcass was mangled with teeth marks, so the goose appeared to have been killed by another animal,” they said. “There was no evidence of multiple dead and decapitated geese. A subsequent investigation by the New Rochelle Police Department likewise found no further evidence as well.”

Kiley Blackman, the founder of Westchester4Geese, said that the city mishandled the investigation, and it should have been taken over by the SPCA.

“I’m extremely dismayed that New Rochelle disposed of the body, which is evidence,” she said. “It’s not up to them to make the determination on how that goose died. This was called in as a cruelty report and they should have turned the body over to the SPCA.”

“The Parks Department is not composed of doctors or veterinarians, and frankly, their ‘determination of bites’ is suspect anyway, as a goose is covered with heavy feathers. In any case, they circumvented proper procedure, which has seriously hampered this case and they urgently need retraining so this does not happen again.”

Officials from the Parks Department could not be reached late on Friday afternoon.

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According to another news article, park workers admitted to finding one decapitated goose but disposed of body before SPCA of Westchester could perform a necropsy to determine cause of death. The witness who claimed to have seen 4 decapitated geese 'lined up in a row' would have to be assumed to be credible since she reported this to police. However the police did not respond to her complaint & so far a police spokesman is 'unavailable for comment.' It would seem following the discovery of slaughtered cats last April & no perpetrator of that crime has been found yet, that the public could expect serious interest & police response to reports of suspicious findings of numerous bodies together, of other slaughtered animals.

Absolutely abominable the way this was mishandled.

As usual, the arrogance of the New Rochelle police department is exhibited here. This incident clearly needed to be investigated further, and by disposing of the body (or bodies?) very little can now be done. It gets harder and harder to have any confidence in such a callous and ineffective police department

This whole thing seems grossly mishandled. If somebody reports "decapitated geese" the police should be on it and treat it like a real crime. People who hurt animals are psychopaths and are a danger to everyone. I walk around that lake all the time. I don't like knowing that there is a potential nut job on the loose and the Parks dept and police just were too lazy to properly investigate.

Seems like the "witness" should've led Park crew to the bodies & why would witness provide a photo of only one goose (according to article) while claiming there were four? I agree, that this story is too odd & am left only to wonder if the witness is indeed credible.

This story is too odd. A woman said she saw four decapitated geese. Unless this person has a history of being unreliable I tend to believe she saw four decapitated geese. And for these people to decide it was an animal that killed the goose is not good enough...maybe it was a human AND an a dog. Alternatively if it was just someone's dog that killed it, that is a felony to allow your dog to kill a Canada goose. This smells.