New Rochelle Begins Pothole Repairs; Seeks Public Input On Locations

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Pothole repairs in New Rochelle are under way and city officials are asking for the public to help spot the worst potholes needing repair. Photo Credit: File Photo

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. -- Pothole repairs in New Rochelle are underway and city officials are asking for the public to help spot the worst potholes needing repair. 

"This winter’s unusually severe freeze-thaw cycle has been excessively harsh to roadways around the region and in the City of New Rochelle," city officials said in a release. "The Bureau of Streets and Highways has begun pothole repair as conditions permit."

City officials are asking residents to assist with pothole location and reporting by calling the 24-hour information phone line at 914-235-4029 or designated email until April 30. The lines are for information only and personal replies will not be given.

When reporting a pothole, residents are asked to provide detailed information including street name with closest intersection, direction of traffic flow and hole location in the street or traffic lane. Pothole repairs are prioritized by severity and location, so those on main arteries will receive higher priority, officials said. Photos can also be sent by email.

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they just need to repave beechmont & pinebrook completely


This is not just the case of 2013-2014 freezing temps and unusually high snowfall. The potholes reappearing are in the same areas as they have been for at least the last 3 years. The maintenance of New Rochelle roads, even compared to surrounding towns, has been absolutely dreadful, leading to critical mass.

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