New Rochelle Beach Getting a Tiki Bar for Summer

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Construction crews forked off the narrow beach inlet at Hudson Park. Photo Credit: James Plunkett
A place normally reserved for sunbathers was instead replaced with a crane.. Photo Credit: James Plunkett
The expected area for the new Tiki bar. Photo Credit: James Plunkett

Summer’s just around the corner and beach-goers at Hudson Park in New Rochelle will have a new Tiki bar to enjoy.

According to park officials on site, the bar is being installed on the narrow beach inlet. The adjoining shoreline, a popular attraction for sunbathers, was being smoothed away Thursday by a bulldozer. Just outside of the construction zone, a gaggle of onlookers said it looked as if the trucks were trying to lengthen the beach. However, the full details remain unknown. The manager overseeing the development of the Tiki bar was unavailable on the site for comment about details and expected completion. 

One passerby was thrilled at the possibility of having an Oceanside bar. “I’m here all the time, I would definitely go there,” said Larry Cannizzo about the Tiki bar. “I think it’s going to attract a lot of people down here.”

Members of the New Rochelle Fire Department showed up to the park confused about the roar of jackhammers and construction trucks that were plowing sand back into the Sound. The yellow-taped area surrounding the neck of Hudson Park’s shore was shut off to the public, although there were few people in the park. Firefighters left when the Parks and Recreation vehicles showed up.

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Comments (3)

little guy:

Best thing that could happen to new rochelle. Tiki bar will be open this friday, july 1st, snack bar is already open. Food and prices are great & from what I heard there will be live music. This is a great place to enjoy the summer for the whole family.

james otoole:

What a great addition to hudson park.Now maybe more people will start to use the park and beach more often.As a bartender at Dudley's for many years i still can't beleive that more people don't use the beach and park more often. This place is a jewel that most people don't know it's there. Hope this this will bring more people down to the beach.Good luck to the new owners.

big man:

This tiki bar got a stop work order on it due to the fact they never got the proper work permits.Whats going on here how come they never got any permits they were approved by council only two weeks ago. No one could get permits that fast or can they????

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