Gun, Knife Show Won't Return To Westchester Next Year

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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Westchester County will not host the Sportsmen Firearm and Knife Show in 2013 out of respect for the lives lost in the Newtown, Conn., school shooting, County Executive Robert Astorino announced Monday.

The show has been run in a professional manner in past years but bringing it back after such a tragedy would not be “appropriate,” Astorino said in a statement.

“In the days and weeks ahead, the county will review its own policies and procedures to see if anything can be done to prevent these senseless acts of violence in the future,” he added.

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Comments (10)

Incredibly flawed analogy.

Does this mean that gun buyers will now have to buy their guns only in retail stores and online? Or in a hotel meeting room?
Like this is anything more than a knee-jerk symbolic gesture.

I think it's great that the Gun Show has been cancelled; I don't care whose decision it was or who is taking the credit for it. It'd be great if shows promoting the purchase of firearms were stopped altogether.
After all, it seems like everyone into guns has more than enough of them, and let's face it, guns are actually intended to kill.

The show sucked anyway. No loss except for the rent Westchester County received.

Most people that have hunting guns are responsible people

but the fact is if someone has one of these "assault" weapons
they can have their way with a crowd in seconds
this person killed nearly 30 people in 9 minutes or less!

Fact: He had enough ammo to kill the whole school-and whomever was trying to help them


I agree with you TimL67...this is for Robert Astorino to look like a hero at the cost of the children! Com'on...not having a show at the County Center!? Who are you kidding!? Stop being stupid...

Paul Feiner actually had the audacity to take credit for this action on his blog. What a pig this guy is. The County was already working towards the cancellation. Does it ever end with this media hog?

Actually, Feiner started an online petition about this and was instrumental in publicizing the matter - what evidence do you have that the county was doing anything toward the cancellation? It was Astorino who reversed Spano's ban on gun shows on County property - he now has changed his mind, but was the opposite of a leader on this. I know it pains some people to give Feiner any credit for anything, but it was through him that many people found out about this and joined in signing the petition to pressure Astorino to change his position.

Will all Westchester County bars and car dealerships be closed out of respect for all drunk driving victims? Thanks for demonizing a populace which had nothing to do with this horrific act of an individual.