Former Intern Lewinsky Speaks Out On Affair With Chappaqua's Bill Clinton

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Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky is speaking out about her affair with Chappaqua resident and former president Bill Clinton.
Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky is speaking out about her affair with Chappaqua resident and former president Bill Clinton. Photo Credit: File photo

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. -- Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky is speaking out for the first time about her affair with Chappaqua resident and former president Bill Clinton in an essay she wrote for Vanity Fair.

A preview of the essay is online now and the full version will be printed in the next edition of the fashion and pop culture magazine.

Lewinsky insists in the article that the affair that led to an impeachment trial of President Clinton in 1999 was consensual and that the Clintons never paid her off to remain quiet all these years.

Lewinsky does not criticize President Clinton, nor his wife Hillary, but instead sets her sights on the press, special prosecutors and Clinton administration "minions" who reportedly drove her to contemplate -- but never attempt -- suicide.

Click here to read the online preview of Lewinsky's essay.

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Comments (11)

...............cha-ching ! ...............girls just wanna have a comfortable lifestyle, so i am sure someone will find ms M and nice paying no-show "consulting" job somewhere, at least until HILLARY 2016 is accomplished

anyway, we ALL learned the definition of what "IS" is, so america has all that going for it in this matter

Without that blue dress we would have never heard of Monica. She would have been "disappeared" into a mental hospital for "stalking" the president, which is exactly what that bastard had planned for her, but, WHOOPS!…time for plan "B".

Clinton lied under oath in front of Judge Susan Weber Wright in the Paula Jones deposition. His lie was that he swore he was never alone with Lewinsky. He was found in contempt of Court, fined $90,000.00 dollars, and had his Arkansas Law license revoked.

"But what difference, at this point, does it make?"

Obviously George, you're not married - but if you are - ask your wife that question and then get back to me [seriously flawed logic].

Which is a bigger lie,I didn't have sex with that woman or there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Have many people cheat? How many Americans died in Iraq? Hillary wins big in 2016!!!

Hillary in 2016? God help America if this two faced witch gets in. Americans have died in Iraq. Everyone of them died protecting you freedom or would you like to sit back and wait for another 911. Bill was a disgrace to his office and America.

Why does that matter. They both lied (Bush and Clinton). Why is it OK because the other party did it also? A pox on both of the jerks.

President Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act into law on October 31, 1998. On December 16th, 1998, Clinton commenced Operation Desert Fox, a four day bombing campaign on Iraqi targets. Saddam had frozen out UN inspectors looking for Iraq WMDs. Saddam did not comply. The rest is history. It was OK for Clinton to believe Saddam had WMDs, and it was OK for Congress to vote yes, to go into Iraq in a bipartisan vote, but when no WMDs were found, Democrats bailed and lied about their participation in all the machinations that got us there from 1998 on! The icon of the Democratic party, Clinton, was President and a father and knew better. She was 19 when it began. I'm sure if it was your daughter you would congratulate the President of the United States of American for his honorable conquest of your daughter!

That Hillary wouldn't ditch Bill is a serious lack of judgment and should preclude her from having her finger on the nuclear trigger.

First we start with Bill who couldn't keep it in his pants before his Presidential bid in 1991 with Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and who knows how many others. Then carried on his shenanigans with a twenty-two year old intern in the White House named Monika Lewinsky [remember how he perjured himself on national television; "I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I'm going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky," Clinton famously declared.
With those words, President Clinton didn't just dig himself a hole, he stole the backhoe, dug a really deep hole, drove the backhoe into the hole, wired the backhoe with explosives and blew it up. Strenuously denying his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky at a January press conference, Clinton was later impeached by the House of Representatives for lying about the matter under oath [that's called perjury]. First Lady Hillary Clinton was at the White House for at least some portion of seven of those days that he "wasn’t having sex with Ms. Lewinsky." Here is the website of the President denying sex with Lewinsky.
it is in at 6:16 minutes - this guy is incredulous and he, more than Hillary would love to get back to that "Oval" office.
Finally, I wonder how many times I could say to my wife I had oral sex with another woman and tell her I didn't have sex with her...amazing.

Clinton's. Just the type of Famly we need running this country. God help America if Hillary ever gets into the office of President.