Be On The Lookout For Road Closures During Obama's Westchester Visit

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Photo Credit: Photo abstract by Suzanne Samin

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – The usual Labor Day Weekend getaway traffic is bad enough, but add a Presidential arrival to Westchester County Airport Friday afternoon and it could be a laborious kickoff to the holiday weekend.  

President Obama’s visit will cause temporary road and highway closures as he passes through the streets of southern Westchester to fundraisers in Purchase and New Rochelle on Friday.

Obama will be returning to Westchester on Saturday to attend a wedding at Blue Hills at Stone Barn in Pocantico Hills. For more on that click here.

The New York State Thruway Authority and Department of Transportation, with approval from the U.S. Secret Service, has released the times certain sections of area highways will be closed Friday to help travelers avoid traffic during Obama’s visit.

Between 1:30 and 5:30 p.m. Friday there will be intermittent road closures on:

  • I-684 between Purchase and Armonk
  • I-287 between White Plains and Port Chester
  • I-95 between Pelham and the Connecticut State Line 

Between 9:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Friday there will be road closures on: 

  • I-684 between Purchase and Armonk
  • I-287/I-87 between the Tappan Zee Bridge and Port Chester

Several local streets will also be closed temporarily Friday as Obama passes through the county. He is due to arrive at Westchester County Airport around 2 p.m. Friday. He will then attend two private fundraisers: in Purchase at Wall Street financier Robert Wolf's home and in New Rochelle for a smaller fundraiser and round-table event.

Obama will then jet off from Westchester County Airport to Rhode Island for a third fundraiser sometime around 6 p.m.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a no-fly order for flights over parts of Westchester on Friday and Saturday.

The City of New Rochelle has issued a traffic advisory for East End business owners and residents. More info on the advisory is available here.

Obama will return to Westchester for a Saturday wedding in Mount Pleasant, according to Politico. 

Motorists can sign up for TRANSAlert emails regarding thruway traffic conditions.

To see an interactive map, including Google traffic conditions for the Thruway and other roadways in New York State and beyond, go to the State Thruway website.

Check back with Daily Voice for updates. 

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Comments (37)

obama is a good Americans.

really, your a great American!

this makes me sad that Westchester is so full of such ignorant people. you all should be a shamed of your selves having no respect for our President !

The President has NO respect for US, so why should anyone have ANY respect for HIM?

Robert Wolf is one of the Wall Street bankers who has Obama in his pocket and controls the government. Wolf is one of the many one-percenters who rake in trillions of dollars (much of it ill-gained) and pay no taxes. And of course Wolf knows Obama is only blowing hot air when he publicly speaks about raising taxes on the wealthiest people - he knows it'll never happen.

Um, excuse me, but getting back to the original comment... Didn't George W. Bush go fundraising when the world was on fire, and Bill Clinton before him, and George H.W. Bush before him, and Reagan? Alas, that's what our system requires, because taxpayers don't for the most part subsidize political campaigns, which have become astronomically expensive in our insanely media-driven culture. Don't like it? Then change the system and advocate for electoral reform. Not allowing candidates to use private monies will cost us a few more bucks in taxes, of course. And I suppose it would really irk those who believe having and spending lots of money, even if you're a corporation, is "free speech." The same people screaming about Marxist Obama are surely not going to like paying a dime more in taxes to make elections fair.

uhh, no. Obama is well ahead of any recent President for fundraising....except Bill Clinton. Dubya went on on 318 fundraisers in EIGHT years. Barack has been on 393 fundraisers so far with TWO more years to go.

Uhh, yes--it just means he's really good at something that all our presidents, Republican and Democratic alike, are forced to do by the system. Please find other, valid reasons to criticize Obama. (They exist.) I am not defending him as a president.

The world is on fire and this jerk is out fundraising for Dems. What a self-centered heartless moron. Please, people, can we elect an American leader the next time around?

So glad I'm not traveling to any local AKC Dog Agility Trials…. oh wait, I'm in Florida with dogs, don't have to worry about getting caught up in that traffic and BS

sonny.plummer.1, do your Mommy and Daddy know you're using their computer to come and annoy the grown-ups with your inane comments?

Here's how it works: You "earn" the title by being elected. President Obama got the second most votes for President ever in 2012 with almost 66 million votes. The only President to ever get more was President Obama in 2008 with well over 69 million votes.

Ronald Reagan, the patron saint of all things conservative, only got a high of 54.5 million votes from the American people.

So with many millions more votes than anyone else has ever received for his office, I would say President Obama has earned it.

Now, go watch some cartoons or something and don't interrupt the adults any longer.

JamesG - the only reason Obama was SELECTED to be President is the obvious - he's black. The Dems knew they would have a tough time promoting Hilliary Clinton, as many of their own didn't like her (not to mention that most Liberals are misogynists and the sheer thought of a woman President makes them shake in their designer shoes). The Dems wanted someone who would guarantee a win for them, and they know most black people, most white Democrats, as well as all white Liberals, would vote for a person of color (especially Liberals - they get light-headed and weak-kneed whenever they can push ahead a "person of color" regardless of the person's inexperience and inability to "take charge"). And of course, the Wall Street bankers who know that they continue to have an obedient servant in the White House.

And you reside in Mount Vernon surrounded by "blackness?" With your views on the color , not character, of people, it must make you hate the environment in which you awake each morning.

Yes bill, you are an activist of what? What's the matter cannot afford to move to locale of the lighter hue?

cryptoguardian - I refuse to allow you to beat me into political correctness just because you love Barack Obama solely because of his color and I do not like him because he is a servant to the wealthiest people as well as being the most feckless President in recent decades.
I love living in Mount Vernon because of its multicultural environment. I have no problems with "blackness" as you choose to label it. (I do, however, have a problem with the corrupt city hall administration and the corrupt schools, which many of the people in this city apparently approve).
I suggest you pose your "blackness" question to the President's financial supporters (and his masters) - mostly white Liberals who are mostly Wall Street bankers, and live in mostly (or in some places, all) white locales such as Scarsdale, Chappaqua, Purchase, and Katonah. Those same people continue to oppress the "people of color" as much as they are allowed to get away with it, and in this current environment, Obama is allowing it. But then, he's as corrupt as they are.

Did you say, "JamesG - the only reason Obama was SELECTED to be President is the obvious - he's black. "?

I did not vote for Obama because he is half white or half black, I vote on character and I am entirely colorblind. Yes bill perhaps you should change your handle to Activist B. that way it could stand for what you really are and believe me it has nothing to do with political correctness. I was hoping, like others, for change.
What I see is hatred for the president because his hue is more brown than pink.
I also see that the more conservative, "Give us back our country," groups are road blocking, at our expense, any positive legacy for this half white man. This country is headed for, in my opinion, disaster due to hatred and bigotry. This country, in the eyes of many of its citizens, must not have any success under a non-pink leadership. Additionally many people, in this country, will never realize why the USA has become the target to hate by the majority of the races. Political correctness is one thing, but survival is another. Until we learn tolerance and respect for each other, regardless of skin color, religious beliefs, other factors and if the USA is suppose to set the example for world leadership, then the examples set so far must change.

cryptoguardian - you are one of the rare people who claim you voted for Obama based on your perception of his character. Most of the people who voted for Obama claimed it was because of his color first, and then they were hoping for change, which they did not get.
White Liberals are the main cause of hatred and bigotry, continually dividing people into ethnic and cultural groups through their "Diversity First" agenda. Hitler did the same thing in 1930s Germany.
Obama has done nothing good for the working masses, certainly not lowering taxes as he claimed to have done, yet he's continued to give massive tax breaks to corporations and his wealthy supporters (the White Liberals who own him and control him).
Cornell West is 100% correct in his comments about Obama, being a disgrace to his race and to humanity in general.

Isn't it strange how people,like activist B, think the president of the USA has all the power to change any and everything? The government of the USA is based upon power balance isn't it? The executive seems to be hamstrung by the lack of "What is best for the country" and more of "what is best for the party."

This president has done some very positive things in-spite of the biased right political wing opponents. This president will never be allowed to be credited with doing "great things" because of the balance of political power.

Despite what some people may claim, No president of the USA has or will ever have ABSOLUTE POWER.

cryptoguardian - you claim "No president of the USA has or will ever have ABSOLUTE POWER." If you want to believe it, go right ahead and keep on believing. It's all an illusion anyway, isn't it?
As for Obama doing some very positive things, if you're referring to lowering taxes for the one-percenters, allowing banks and financial institutions to continue to commit crimes against the people, refusing to convict the Wall Street banks for their crimes, well, then, I guess he has done positive things - for those entities.

You have proven my case, thank you.

Activist Bill:

"cryptoguardian - you claim "No president of the USA has or will ever have ABSOLUTE POWER." If you want to believe it, go right ahead and keep on believing. It's all an illusion anyway, isn't it?"

AS I was saying what the naive and haters believe.

I thank you for seeing the light and agreeing with me about Barack Obama.

hey James, before you insult others with your "facts", you should also know that there are 80 Million more people in the US in 2008 compared to 1980 when Ronald Reagan ran. even lame McCain got almost 60 Million votes in 2008. you need to USE YOUR computer better before spouting inanities. now go drink some prune juice. it's past your bed time. And incompetent, divisive marxist Obama hasn't earned anything except derision and contempt.


I'll let most of that go but I'm curious: Specifically what has the President done while in office that conforms to Marxist principles? I know they probably don't tell you that on Fox News -- and I doubt you're smart enough to know anything about Marxism besides as a buzz-phrase -- so I won't hold my breath waiting for a response. (Hint: Despite what I'm sure you believe, it did not originate with the Marx Brothers.)

And did you vote for George W. Bush? If you did, you have the blood of 5,000 troops lost in Iraq on your hands, as well as at least partial responsibility for the loss of this country's global reputation that happened on the Frat Boy in Chief's watch. If you did indeed vote for Bush, maybe you should just hide in a corner and hope nobody notices you, instead of feigning intelligence.

For such an insulting self-important superior intellectual, your command of facts are really poor. The number attributed to Bush in Iraq is incorrect. And did you know that about 75% of lives lost in Afghanistan can be attributed to Obama? Probably not. Do you care? Likely not.

I suggest, rather than draw out the typical liberal ideologue "Fox News" bogeyman, you might want to read up on these things yourself (after all you have a computer which is not being used well at this point).

Instead of feigning intellectual superiority, look up Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and read up on "ruling class" and "crony capitalism" and see if you can't find similarities to today. Maybe correlate with "executive orders".?

Obama promised, under oath, to uphold the Constitution and its laws. He has not done so.

Oh, Gaurand, I would debate this with you more but I realize that doing something like asking you to name exactly what article and section of the U.S. Constitution the President has violated will have no point. Also, whenever I argue with people like you, I always end up feeling really bad about myself -- I ask myself what comes next after beating down someone like you? Kicking the cane out from under a blind man? Blocking the wheels on Stephen Hawking's wheelchair? It's just not fair. So I'm going to leave you, and your little fantasy world alone -- while also feeling good about the pain you're going to feel when we have another Democratic President elected in 2016.

JamesG - if you lived in 1933 Germany, you would be a staunch supporter of Hitler.

James, if you actually watched or read some real news once in a while (MSNBC doesn't count) you would know that the President was smacked down by the Supreme Court for making recess appointments, and was also exposed as breaking the law for not notifying Congress properly on the Bergdahl prisoner swap; and that's just recent stuff. That doesn't even include what his minions like Holder and Lerner are doing.

You are an idiot

Wait - Closing I95 and I287 and I684 on Labor Day Weekend ???
Even for a short time - this is a traffic nightmare coming.
What were they thinking?
Be better to move the wedding to DC and spare us.

NOTE: If the TX bridge is closed for an hour - on a Friday night - ???

The local street that President of Unites States will pass through on Friday afternoon is Westchester Place, New Rochelle....City has been working on the street today.

anyone realize this is labor day weekend? Stay home, this will be a traffic nightmare for those trying to get home/away for the holiday tomorrow if they are traveling in those areas.....

That is "President" Obama, thank you. Wishing him a warm and happy welcome!
A visit from the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is an honor.

whoopee...he's fundraising and going to his chef's wedding.

Yes, agreed. It IS an honor to have a visit from the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. The 'writer' of this article can't hide his snide bias.. but hey, guess what? The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is visiting Westchester!! Yes, the one who was elected TWICE. :D

the only bias is coming from you, not the writer.

Get over it.

He hasn't earned that title. Golfer in Chief more like it.