3,900 Still Without Power In New Rochelle Tues AM

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More than 3,900 New Rochelle customers were without power Tuesday morning.
More than 3,900 New Rochelle customers were without power Tuesday morning. Photo Credit: Map Courtesy Con Edison

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. – More than 3,900 New Rochelle customers remained without power Tuesday morning and it could be almost a week before power is restored.

An estimated 3,924 out of 28,958 customers in New Rochelle were without power at 6 a.m. Tuesday, according to Con Edison reports.

While the height of the storm passed through a week ago and more than 840,000 customers have had power restored, most Westchester areas listed Sunday, Nov. 11 as an estimated restoration date, according to Con Edison reports.

As of Tuesday morning, Con Edison representatives said approximately 120,000 customers were without electricity, out of an estimated 960,000 affected. That included approximately 1,400 out in Manhattan, 27,400 in Queens, 21,100 in Brooklyn, 12,000 in Staten Island and 6,000 in the Bronx. In Westchester County, the company reported 52,868 customers out of service, while approximately 170,000 customers had their service restored in the last week.

Officials said they expected to restore the “vast majority of those affected by Hurricane Sandy by the weekend,” according to a press release.

“While Con Edison continues to return electricity to customers since Hurricane Sandy moved out, the company is monitoring the Nor'easter forecast for Wednesday,” officials said in a press release Monday night. “The expected high winds and heavy rains could delay restorations and may cause additional outages.”

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Comments (2)

If it wasn't for my ex wife sending the kids running up the block to catch the Con ED truck Thursday,they'd still be without power too!!As is my cousin up by the high school.What the heck is CON ED doing? At least the name fits..CON...NED..._*

The numbers are inaccurate. Con Ed is not accurately reflecting the true numbers on their site as every time I check on my status it indicates there is no record of a service issue in that location. When I check my area on the map it is clear yet my entire block is dark. Yesterday they said they closed out my service request because the fixed down wires on my property. I never reported downed wires, no one came on my property and I still don't have service yet I am marked as a job complete. Numbers don't lie. Con Ed does.