New Rochelle's PTI Fitness Offers Tips On How To Avoid Weight Gain

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Trainers at PTI Fitness in New Rochelle are offering tips to help residents keep the pounds off this holiday season. Photo Credit: Personal Training Institute Facebook Page

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. -- Trainers from New Rochelle's PTI Fitness are offering tips to residents to help keep the pounds off this holiday season. 

Get Re-Focused

Keep the focus of the holiday season where it should be: on spending time with family, friends and traditions not on food. 

Stress, conflict and even depression can be triggered during the holiday season and lead to emotional eating. Keep dieting goals in mind. 

Use Strategy

Don't arrive to holiday parties hungry. Eat a snack before heading out to help prevent overeating. 

Chew gum before and after meals. It will help with over indulging on appetizers and desserts. 

Don't skip out on the gym. Exercise is a key component to weight loss and also helps to maintain proper sleep patterns. 

Practice Moderation

Don't be afraid to eat what you love; just be mindful of how much you eat. Trim calories whenever possible by limiting portions of cheeses, gravy, sauces, creams and nuts. 

Be mindful of alcohol consumption due to the high caloric content. Try alternating between a spirit and a non-alcoholic drink. 

For more information, contact PTI Fitness in New Rochelle at (914) 740-4118.

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Comments (2)

Dennis Parker:

These are also good suggestions for avoiding weight gain. The best, though, is to not eat more than you can bur off.
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Dennis Parker:

The article did help with some very useful tips. Keep posting such interesting stuff.

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