Westchester Climate Change Summit Conference Will Take Place At Pace Law

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Photo Credit: Pace University

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Pace University Law School's Center for Environmental Legal Studies and Federated Conservationists of Westchester County will present a daylong conference on the impacts of climate change in Westchester on Friday, Sept. 12. 

The conference will be held at the New York State Judicial Institute on the Pace Law School campus, 84 N. Broadway in White Plains.

Experts, including keynote speakers Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig (NASA Goddard Space Center) and Professor Michael Gerrard (Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia Law School), will discuss the formidable threats of climate change to the county and outline solutions and strategies available to municipalities to address these threats.

Specifics of climate change to be discussed include coastal resiliency by Mark Lowery, climate policy analyst, Office of Climate Change NYSDEC; regional examples of solution/strategies by Nina Orville, executive director of SWEAC; A Climate Showcase Community by Gray Russell, sustainability director of Montclair, N.J.; Microgrids by Tom Bourgeois, deputy director, the Energy and Climate Change Center, Pace Law School; Climate Smart Communities in NYS by professor John Nolon, counsel to Pace's Land Use Law Center; NYS Climate Change Plan by a representative from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office and ways to achieve more energy independence by professor Karl Rabago, director of the Energy and Climate Change Center at Pace Law School.

The conference is co-sponsored by Sustainable Westchester. 

Registration will be limited. To register for the event visit www.eventbrite.com/e/westchester-climate-change-summit-tickets-11887444667.

For information, call FCWC at 914-422-4053 or email fcwc@fcwc.org. 


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To paraphrase that immortal philosopher George Carlin- man is as much a threat to the planet as a flea is to a big dog; nothing more than a surface nuisance that can be wiped out in a heartbeat.
Think about it- there's only been heavy industry for the last 150 years or so, but the planet has been thru warming and cooling cycles for millions of years. How did the planet warm up enough to get out of an ice age? Must have been those SUVs that the dinosaurs were driving.
Also, we've only been recording temperature for a little over a century as well, so those reports we hear from time to time of "the hottest summer on record" must be taken with a grain of salt.
Can we be a little more responsible in our stewardship of the planet? Of course we can, but the whole climate change movement is nothing more than another way to transfer wealth and place control in the hands of a few.

are you stupid???

Yes, climate change deniers think they are smarter than 99.999% of scientists. They believe Rush Limbaugh instead.

Great. More "climate change" propaganda for our kids. Meanwhile, it has been reported that there is this great big thingy in the sky that is the cause of all of our weather, and weather disruptions. It is called the "sun". Even the Marxist climate "scientists" are conceding that solar flares and gamma rays from solar flares are THE causes of all things related to weather and climate. Man-made "global warming" is a myth and a lie.

NYC September 21st is the date for the People's Climate March. Get involved now! Join us. http://peoplesclimate.org/march/