Beechmont Lake Fountains Dedicated in New Rochelle

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These two lake fountains have been installed to help keep the water healthy and clean in Beehmont Lake.
These two lake fountains have been installed to help keep the water healthy and clean in Beehmont Lake. Photo Credit: Contributed

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. – The Beechmont Neighborhood Association recently dedicated two new Beechmont Lake fountains. They were installed with the help of Iona College and the city of New Rochelle.

Victor Stanionis, president of the Beechmont Association, spoke at the dedication. He thanked the supporters of the fountain project – Fred Wiener, Beechmont Lake chair; Joseph Stabile, professor at Iona College, and his students; Mayor Noam Bramson; Councilman Barry Fertel; and 41 Beechmont residents, who donated a total of $10,000 to the project.

Beechmont resident Joseph Nyre, president of Iona College, donated $5,000 to the Beechmont Association, on behalf of the college. The City of New Rochelle rounded out the donations by providing $8,500.

“These fountains are an excellent example of community and city working together to make our city a better and more beautiful place for people to enjoy,” Fertel said. “Beechmont Lake is one of the jewels of New Rochelle.”

Operational hours for the fountains are 6 a.m. to midnight, and the lights at the base of the fountains automatically turn on at dusk.

Alexander Tergis, commissioner of the city's Department of Public Works, said the fountains will help to aerate, agitate and circulate the water in the lake, which helps keep the oxygen at healthy levels. This will be especially beneficial in the summer, when heat and pesticide runoff cause algae and floating aquatic plants to grow more rapidly.

For more information, visit the Beechmont Association website at, or email Stanionis at

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Thank you Iona and CNR: Proud to have both of these fine (and underrated) institutions in New Rochelle.

I have the opportunity to drive past this lake quite often and the fountains definitely add to the beauty of the entire area. The algae is definitely better. Thanks to all who helped to make this possible.